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Caviar de Riofrío - Innovation and Tradition 

 The challenge: merging the traditional philosophy of the brand with an innovative impulse. As a result, nowadays, Caviar de Riofrío is a successful brand. 

 With this clear vision, in 2011 Caviar de Riofrío is acquired by a solid Finnish Group that brings in its strength and innovative capacity, while committing to the traditional values of the company, as well as to its respect and pursuit for maximum quality.   


Origins - Initiative and Thrill 

 The origins of the Piscifactoría de Riofrío fish farm, in Riofrío, Granada, date back to 1955, when three good friends  came together to create the first commercial fish farm of Spain, specifically in Navarra. It was an initiative full of vision and boldness that would transform Piscifactoría de Riofrío into a fish farming pioneer in Spain.  Then, they got engaged in aquaculture. In the 60’s, the project expanded as new facilities were acquired in Navarra and Riofrío (Granada), in 1964.  That last one was the most important due to its volume and water quality.  

Consolidation - Quality and Growth 

 In the 60’s the company expanded. New facilities were opened in Navarra and Riofrío, a small Andalusian town in Granada. As time went by, the facilities in Riofrío became the most important ones, due to their size and water quality.  

The Water, our Secret 

In the crystalline and pure waters of the Río Frío (Cold River) in Andalusia, at the foot of a big and inhabited mountain with no cultivation, between Granada and Málaga, you will find the facilities of Caviar de Riofrío. 


The water springs from the depths of the rocks of the mountain, in a natural way. The water is pure and abundant, and it keeps the same water level and temperature throughout the year. Just few meters from its spring, that water enters our facilities.  

 Along almost 3 km, the spring waters meander between our pools nourishing us with life, nourishing our sturgeons, which happily swim in its freshness.  

Commitment to the Environment 

*RioFrio Caviar concession in Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge 5th floor Food hall.