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RioFrio Organic Caviar Classic 2.6 mm Roe 500g tin



RioFrio Caviar Classic 2.6 mm eggs 500g tin

RioFrio Cvaiar 500g Classic 2.6mm eggs Tin

Fresh and delicate with just the right amount of MALOSSOL salt to avoid masking the subtle sea and dried fruit flavour. Creamy, taste dried fruit, creamy and nutty, burst in the mouth. Careful processing by RioFrio experts ensures a top-quality product.

This is the authentic fresh caviar eaten by Tsars. The sophisticated and intense flavour of fresh caviar. For caviar lovers this is perfect caviar who enjoy luxury. Intense tastes, creamy, nutty, flavoursome, burst in the mouth. Egg harvest 19 - 20 years, egg colour - Pearl Grey.

Colour Pearl grey black


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